Starter pack 2

CD + Booklet, lenght 56 min. A yoga programme that works the pelvis, hips, shoulders and neck.    Contents: breathing, Sufi circles, back bends, shoulder exercises and two breathing meditations. ...


Starter pack 1


CD + Booklet, length: 52 min.

A CD containing all the tools you need to create profound and lasting balance in your energy system.  Contents: breathing, back flex, Sat Kriya and two different mantra meditations. ...


Starter Pack 3

CD + Booklet, lenght 56 min. A yoga programme that works the back and has been included in a number of Swedish back studies.  Contents: breathing, back flex, back twist, back bend, neck roll and a breathing and a pulse meditation.   ...


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MediYoga is both an enterprise and a form of yoga. Our form of yoga is suitable for most people with physical or psychological limitations. We have yoga for bedridden patients, wheelchair users and the fully mobile. A gentle, meditative form of yoga with breathing and body exercises, plus meditation. If you enjoy full health, MediYoga can help you gain greater consciousness, stability, calm and harmony.

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