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A CD with relaxing music specially composed for MediYoga, for which Fredrik Wännman was inspired by Swedish nature.



1. Sat Nam 11:07
2. Waves of Aum 11:19
3. Slow Down 11:07
4. Little River 11:40
5. Sat Nam (Instrumental) 11:06





Sat Nam has a tempo that lends itself to long, deep breaths, Waves of Aum with water, birds and the mantra Aum, is beautiful for relaxation and rest. Slow Down opens softly and then the tempo slowly lowers. Little River, with its rippling water, is written for calm meditation.


Listen to samples of music:

  1. Sat-Nam
  2. Waves-of-Aum
  3. Slow-Down
  4. Little-River
  5. Sat-Nam-Instrumental

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